We offer subscription plans and single visits for the following activities:

Grass areas

  • Mowing, fertilizing, aerating, raking and edging lawns;
  • Rolling lawns;
  • Hoeing and sowing grass mixture where needed;;
  • Control of pests and diseases;
  • Weeding and treatment with herbicides against weeds;
  • Cleaning lawns of dry and fallen leaves;
  • Watering.

Trees and shrubs:

  • Pruning and shaping shrubs and disposal of plant waste;
  • Hoeing and weeding groups with trees and bushes;
  • Weeding and feeding with fertilizer vegetation;
  • Pruning hedges, groups of trees and shrubs;
  • Plant protection chemicals to combat pests and diseases;
  • Fertilizing and watering.

Additional activities:

  • Flowering perennial or seasonal flowers; rocky spots;
  • Cleaning of pavements and lawns from plant waste;
  • Replacing killed vegetation;
  • Winterizing and de-winterizing vegetation;
  • Pruning and training of fruit trees;
  • Pruning and removal of old branches;
  • Remove tall trees;
  • Moving and storage of large-sized plants.

Repair and cleaning of lawns:

  • Repairs consist of a partial reimbursement of grass and plant layers destroyed by regeneration, freezing or improper maintenance. It includes tillage, fertilizing and sowing of damaged parts of the lawn.
  • Overhaul of lawns – Recovery of obsolete or completely destroyed lawns over the entire surface of the object. It includes replacement of the entire surface layer of grass, grass and soil layer.
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