The company offers the following construction services:

  • construction of private gardens, villas and properties with a ready project;
  • reconstruction of existing gardens, parks, city areas, streets and street areas;
  • restoration of damaged terrains – grass, wood, shrub or flower areas;
  • children playground installation;
  • construction of decorative surfaces, water effects, rock nooks and rockeries, parking elements, stairways, support walls, park furniture;
  • construction of rooftop gardens and vertical landscaping;
  • interior landscaping;
  • decorations;

  The construction includes:

  1. Pre-project research of the terrain condition /preparatory works;
  2. Moving the object on the terrain (object tracing);
  3. Construction of alleys and installations;
  4. Planting tree and shrub groups;
  5. Terrain preparation for grassing.

The preparation includes the cleaning of construction material and garbage, herbicide treatment, terrain feeding and delivery of new soil, if necessary.

The grassing is done with a seed mix for a quick effect.

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