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Our company Future Garden offers SUBSCRIPTION PLANS and SINGLE VISITS for:

Lawns and grass fields:

mowing, fertilizing, aerating grass areas;
treating with herbicides against weed;
cleaning grass areas from leaves;
pest control;
weeding and hoeing, watering.

Bushes and trees:
trimming hedges, groups of trees and bushes;
shape crowns of trees /clipping/;
weeding and hoeing;

Rockeries and flower beds – planting, weeding, cleaning

Care of large size plants:
Shape crowns of trees /clipping/;
Weeding and hoeing, watering;
Pruning and removal of old branches;
Removal of tall trees;
Moving and storage of large size plants.

Repair and Cleaning of Lawns – The repair activities consist of recovery of the grass and plant layers, destroyed through treading, freezing and/or irregular maintenance. They include soil treatment, fertilizing and sowing the damaged parts of the grass areas. A fundamental repair recovers superannuated and/or completely destroyed grass areas over the whole surface of the object. Removal of external impurities and the fallen leaves is also included.

Phytosanitary services – setting available on diseases and pests of tree, shrub and grass and treatment with appropriate insecticides, fungicides and herbicides;