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Our company’s construction activities are:

  • constructing and planting gardens by project;
  • reconstruction of existing gardens, parks, urban spaces, streets and street spaces;
  • restoration of damaged areas –  grasslands, tree and shrub groups and  flower areas;
  • installation of playgrounds;
  • decorative paving construction, water effects, rock gardens and rockeries, parking elements, stairs, decorative walls, decorative elements – benches, pergolas, arbors;
  • interior landscaping design;
  • ornaments and decorations of the spaces;

Construction/ Planting  includes:

1.Preparatory/precursory work;

2. Laying out the project over the terrain (tracing);

3. Construction of the alley infrastructure and installations;

4. Planting of trees and bushes;

5. Terrain preparation for grassing;

The preparation includes cleaning, herbicidal treatment, eradication of the primal vegetation, soil treatment, waste disposal, delivery and spreading of soil. The grassing is done through seed mixtures, or grass sods, for a quick effect.      

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